Oman has become an increasingly energetic landscape in its strategic infrastructural development, with each domestic industry having proven fertile ground for economic growth. In its proud commitment to continue driving socio-economic progress nationwide, KAYAN serves the Sultanate as an enabling corporate body that effectively enriches life in Oman.

ASAAS Establishes Construction Management Arm ‘KAYAN’

Through its diversified development and investment mandate, KAYAN leads a broad range of projects that reach across almost every established market. With a specific focus on delivering local opportunities through the Multiplier Effect Model, KAYAN ensures that Omani businesses and the SME sector are the primary beneficiaries of each project it undertakes. Driving shareholder value, diversifying economic revenues, and enhancing social benefits through proposals that yield tangible socioeconomic gains, aptly characterise KAYAN' approach to project management, development and finance.

With a view to become one of the Sultanate's main development and investment arms, KAYAN has produced a strategy centered on sustainability and operational efficiency. Its workforce is comprised purely of national talent and the quality that has established Oman as an attractive investment climate of prosperity. The shareholders of KAYAN alone are a profound testament to this. By harnessing some of the nation's finest business leaders and principal corporate practitioners, KAYAN is now striving to evolve as a brand of excellence for local people, as well as the 'partner of choice' in Oman.

I would like to take this opportunity to pledge that I & KAYAN Al Omaniya Contracting Company SAOC team will endeavour to devote our full efforts to exceed our customers' expectations & fully satisfy their needs and requirements.

Khalid Al Yahmadi
Chief Executive Officer

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